Winter Sampler Progress

I have spent the last three weeks working on Winter Sampler.  This is what it looks like now:

It has felt good to spend so much time on this piece.  I feel like I have accomplished quite a bit.  A large portion of the skating scene has appeared.  Also, the picture of the snowman is almost finished.  Finally, the clock with the “Happy New-Year” ribbon is complete.  I am starting to work on the “Winter” arch that covers the skating scene, which makes me feel like I am starting a new section of the design.

As an added bonus, I have hit the upper corner.  That means that the diagonals are starting to shrink.  This is a welcome development because I feel like I have made it over the hump and things are starting to go downhill.  I look forward to working on this piece more.

I have decided to take a little break from it, though.  There is a lot of white in this piece and white is not my favorite color to stitch.  I need to recharge with something else for a time.

Winter Sampler

This week I have had a lot of fun working on Winter Sampler.  I stitched just over two diagonals.  That is about all I can do since the diagonals are so long now.  However, I am in the middle of the action, so I can see a lot of change from those diagonals.  I am up to ‘5’ in the countdown banner.  The Happy New Year ribbon is now taking shape.  The picture of the skier is getting close to being finished and the picture of Santa and the gingerbread man are making an appearance.