More Roses

My time for cross stitching is more limited on Monday nights because we spend time together as a family for Family Home Evening.  We generally have a little devotional and have some kind of treat, although some times we play games together or do some other activity.  Last night we talked about David and Goliath and how difficulties in our lives can either be stepping stones or stumbling blocks depending on the way that we react to them.

I did get some time to stitch and I am pretty happy with what I was able to accomplish.  When I first started this piece I thought that the roses were rather tedious to stitch.  I must be getting used to them because I really enjoyed stitching them through this diagonal.  In the end I was able to put in four hundred stitches and made it down to the hat.

Autumn Magic Question

I spent most of last week working on Autumn Magic.  I have really enjoyed working on this and this week was no exception.  This in spite of the fact that I am stitching background trees that are really just blobs of orange, yellow, and green.  This is what that page looked like at the end of the week:

However, I have been stymied by a question that came up while I was browsing through the Heaven and Earth website at the end of the week:  What is the difference between a regular chart and a chart with max colors?  Does the result justify the extra work of stitching a chart with increased confetti?

There are now two versions of Autumn Magic: a regular version and a max color version.  The only difference that I can see in the mock-ups between the two versions is that the max color version is lighter.  I like the lighter version because I think that the chart that I am stitching is eager to choose black when the colors get darker.  Logic would indicate that more colors would increase the amount of confetti in the piece and that it should increase the detail as well.  However, I wonder if there is some kind of law of diminishing returns when it comes to the number of colors in the chart.

Has anyone had experience with this?  Have you ever compared the two versions and determined which is the best?

I suspect that in order to find the answer to my question I am going to have to stitch at least a page of the max color version so that I can see the difference.  Based on the results of that experiment I will probably decide whether or not I want to switch versions. However I can’t do this experiment right now and I don’t want to spend time working on this project if there is a possibility that I will be changing to the max color version.  So for now I am putting this project on hold.

Latest Autumn Magic Progress

I spent the last couple weeks of September stitching Autumn Magic.  I have really started to enjoy working on this piece.

One of the things that has helped me to like it is that I have started stitching 20-stitch diagonals instead of the 10-stitch diagonals that I have stitched in the past.  This has made it so that it takes longer to stitch a block.  However I think that it also speeds up my stitching a little bit because the minimum number of stitches that I can stitch in one stitting is now 200.  Also, I think that it helps me work through confetti-filled areas more easily because I have a larger area to work on which means that there are potentially more stitches per color in a block.

I do have another milestone to celebrate as I finished another page.  This is what it looked like after that page finish:

I also had time to work on a new page.  I decided to move up to the top of my stitched area and work on the trees there for a little bit, partly because I was tired of stitching the yard.  This is what that page looks like now:

This section of the chart is not very exciting because right now it just seems to be blobs of color.  When I get to the right edge of the page, it looks like I will be stitching the edge of the house.  Hopefully that will help a little bit.

I am looking forward to working on this again in a couple of weeks.

Autumn Magic Update

August 2017 will go down in history as the month the rotation died and also as the month that I learned to love the one I’m with.  What follows is a description of how that happened.

I recently said that I was having a hard time working on Autumn Magic and that I was going to put it away for a while.  After saying that I found that I was reluctant to actually follow through.  So I decided to start working on it just to get through the block that I wasn’t looking forward to stitching.  Instead of having a hard time stitching that block, I found that I enjoyed working on it.  Since then I have worked on Autumn Magic for fifteen days.

My progress has been remarkable to me.  I was able to finish two pages and stitch a significant portion of a third page.  Here is what it looked like after I completed the second page:

And this is what the latest page that I have worked on looks like:

I have now stitched a total of five and a half pages of Autumn Magic.  I am really starting to love how this piece is looking and I find myself compelled to stitch more so that I can see more of the picture.  I enjoyed working on this so much that my startits disappeared and I didn’t want to stitch anything else.  I have decided that as I stitch this project for an extended period of time that I like it more because I start to see more of the picture develop.   Also, the more that I stitch, the more that I realize that I may possibly finish it some day.

I am seriously tempted to go monogamous and work on Autumn Magic exclusively.  However, I don’t want to abandon all of my other WIPs for the three years that it would take me to complete it.  As a compromise, I have decided that from now on I am going to spend half a month on Autumn Magic.  My purpose in doing that is to give it the time that it deserves so that I might actually finish it someday.  The rest of the month I will work on one of my other WIPs.

Of course, all of that could change again.  However, right now I am looking forward to getting back to Autumn Magic in a couple of weeks.


Another Start

 I decided that I wanted to have four designs in my rotation, so I have started one more.  This is Autum Magic, which is a Heaven and Earth design based on a painting by Randal Spangler.  I am stitching one-over-one on 25-count fabric.

I saw this about six months ago and really wanted to stitch it.  So I was excited to finally get the chance. I knew that it was a big piece, but didn’t realize how big it really was until I started counting down to the corner from the middle.  This is what it looks like after a week of work:


I am feeling ambivalent about this piece.  Stitching over one is a challenge in itself because it is a lot harder to correct mistakes.   Also the threads on the back of the work are much smaller so it is a lot harder to pull thread ends through when you are finished with them.  Using one thread makes it so that you can’t use a loop start and makes it so there are that many more threads to run through the stitches on the back.  Finally, there are places on this piece that are the most confetti-filled that I have ever seen.  All of this slows me down as I stitch.

However, I like how it is turning out so far and can’t wait until I get to the meat of the design to see what it looks like.  It is just going to be a long time before that happens.