Five More

I stitched five more blocks and finished another diagonal. The zig-zag edge from the lower half of the piece has now disappeared.  Every diagonal will now be just a little shorter than the last.  I am now working up towards the final corner. 


Two More Blocks

I suspect that stitching is going to be slower this week because of Thanksgiving.  For example, tonight I was only able to stitch two blocks because.  I had to make a cheesecake for pie night tomorrow night. I also went to stake choir practice which took some of my stitching time away as well.  At any rate, this is what my progress looks like now:


A Page Finish

I have stitched four more blocks. I also have finished another page.  Since I am working diagonally I have already finished more than half of the penultimate page.  The last page is just three and a half columns, which means that I am getting close to the end here.