Working on Midsummer Roses

This week I am working on Midsummer Roses by Paula Vaughan.  I am getting close to the half-way mark on this piece and am really enjoying how it looks.

When I start working on a piece I can’t help setting a little goal of what I would like to accomplish on it for that week.  This time I am hoping to be able to hit the bottom right corner.  That would be a great milestone to reach because when I reach that point I know that the diagonals are going to get shorter and that a finish is not far off.

Last night I was able to put in three hundred stitches.  I am working through the bouquet, which is the most complicated part of the design.  The way that colors are distributed through the flowers makes it so that I am constantly threading and un-threading my needle as I stitch.  I am used to working this way, but it does take a little longer to work through the pattern.

This is what it looks like now:

I am looking forward to watching this grow this week.

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