More Roses

My time for cross stitching is more limited on Monday nights because we spend time together as a family for Family Home Evening.  We generally have a little devotional and have some kind of treat, although some times we play games together or do some other activity.  Last night we talked about David and Goliath and how difficulties in our lives can either be stepping stones or stumbling blocks depending on the way that we react to them.

I did get some time to stitch and I am pretty happy with what I was able to accomplish.  When I first started this piece I thought that the roses were rather tedious to stitch.  I must be getting used to them because I really enjoyed stitching them through this diagonal.  In the end I was able to put in four hundred stitches and made it down to the hat.

Working on Midsummer Roses

This week I am working on Midsummer Roses by Paula Vaughan.  I am getting close to the half-way mark on this piece and am really enjoying how it looks.

When I start working on a piece I can’t help setting a little goal of what I would like to accomplish on it for that week.  This time I am hoping to be able to hit the bottom right corner.  That would be a great milestone to reach because when I reach that point I know that the diagonals are going to get shorter and that a finish is not far off.

Last night I was able to put in three hundred stitches.  I am working through the bouquet, which is the most complicated part of the design.  The way that colors are distributed through the flowers makes it so that I am constantly threading and un-threading my needle as I stitch.  I am used to working this way, but it does take a little longer to work through the pattern.

This is what it looks like now:

I am looking forward to watching this grow this week.