The Forest Continues to Grow

I had hoped to be able to finish And a Forest Grew this month.  After all, I was planning on working on it for two weeks.  There were only four pages left to stitch and my pace was about two pages per week.  What could go wrong?

What did go wrong was a business trip to Norway where I was so busy that I only had minimal stitching time.  To add to the difficulty, my scroll bars were too big to fit in a suitcase, which meant that I had to figure out some way to get good fabric tension while I stitched.  I decided to try using a hoop, which did give me good tension.  However, holding the hoop while I stitched slowed down my progress.  At the end of the first week of October I had only stitched about half a page.

When I returned home I was glad to have my scroll bars back.  At the end of the second week of October I was able to finish the rest of the page I had been working on as well as another page.  This is what my forest looks like now:

Those two pages were fun to stitch.  I love how there are so many different colors there–even including some colors that don’t appear anywhere else in the chart.  I am excited to be close to a finish and am tempted to spend another week working on it.  However, I also don’t want to cheat Autumn Magic of the time that it deserves this month.  So I am going to put this away for now and hope for a finish next month.


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