Latest Autumn Magic Progress

I spent the last couple weeks of September stitching Autumn Magic.  I have really started to enjoy working on this piece.

One of the things that has helped me to like it is that I have started stitching 20-stitch diagonals instead of the 10-stitch diagonals that I have stitched in the past.  This has made it so that it takes longer to stitch a block.  However I think that it also speeds up my stitching a little bit because the minimum number of stitches that I can stitch in one stitting is now 200.  Also, I think that it helps me work through confetti-filled areas more easily because I have a larger area to work on which means that there are potentially more stitches per color in a block.

I do have another milestone to celebrate as I finished another page.  This is what it looked like after that page finish:

I also had time to work on a new page.  I decided to move up to the top of my stitched area and work on the trees there for a little bit, partly because I was tired of stitching the yard.  This is what that page looks like now:

This section of the chart is not very exciting because right now it just seems to be blobs of color.  When I get to the right edge of the page, it looks like I will be stitching the edge of the house.  Hopefully that will help a little bit.

I am looking forward to working on this again in a couple of weeks.

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