29 March 2016

I finished another diagonal tonight. The cloak is showing up even more and I like the folds that are showing up.  I am glad for the border of the cloak as it breaks up all of the red that I have been working with.  I really like the border too.  The greens there make it almost luminescent.


28 March 2016

I put in four hundred more stitches tonight.  However, it doesn’t look like I did much because I am still working through the cloak.  I am getting close to seeing something besides the cloak but I need to work through a couple more diagonals first.


27 March 2016

The next project in my rotation is Red by Mirabilia. I have had a lot of time to stitch tonight. I finished another diagonal and also found the left side of the design. Just when you get bored with stitching large blocks of red the border with a ton of colors comes into play to change your pace. It is a good mix.