Another Start

 I decided that I wanted to have four designs in my rotation, so I have started one more.  This is Autum Magic, which is a Heaven and Earth design based on a painting by Randal Spangler.  I am stitching one-over-one on 25-count fabric.

I saw this about six months ago and really wanted to stitch it.  So I was excited to finally get the chance. I knew that it was a big piece, but didn’t realize how big it really was until I started counting down to the corner from the middle.  This is what it looks like after a week of work:


I am feeling ambivalent about this piece.  Stitching over one is a challenge in itself because it is a lot harder to correct mistakes.   Also the threads on the back of the work are much smaller so it is a lot harder to pull thread ends through when you are finished with them.  Using one thread makes it so that you can’t use a loop start and makes it so there are that many more threads to run through the stitches on the back.  Finally, there are places on this piece that are the most confetti-filled that I have ever seen.  All of this slows me down as I stitch.

However, I like how it is turning out so far and can’t wait until I get to the meat of the design to see what it looks like.  It is just going to be a long time before that happens.

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