A New (Re)Start

I decided that I needed a break from the house, so I have decided to set up a rotation again.  For the last couple nights I have been working on this:


This is “Our Family Tree” which is a design by Stoney Creek.  It will eventually be panel of an oak tree with a pedigree chart surrounded by a border of roses, butterflies, oak leaves, and acorns.

This is actually the second time that I have started this.  The first time I used a cheap linen from MCG Textiles.  I came to hate that fabric so much that I couldn’t stand even looking at it.  I already like this better with the fabric that I am using.

I have actually been feeling quite a bit of pressure to get this going as it has a deadline.  I am planning on giving it as a gift in fall of 2017.  That seems like it is a long way off, but I would rather finish it sooner rather than later so that I am not scrambling in the end.

There is an enormous amount of confetti in the area that I have been stitching.  To add to the complications, there are random stitches that have one strand of floss blended with two strands of blending filament.  I am sure that the final effect will be quite nice as there will be random sparkles distributed through the design.  However, right now I find this just irritating.

I will be glad when this picture starts to look like something.

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