The Front of the House

Work on “A Perfect Setting” continues.  I have been working across the front of the house.  This has been an interesting experience because the top of the roof is slanting down, but the block that I am working on continues on horizontally.  Before I would stitch to the soffit and be finished.  Now I find that I need to stitch above it more and more.  This is how it looked as of last night:


Right now this piece is really starting to get to me.  I think that my least favorite colors to stitch with are white, cream, and light yellow, and these colors appear in abundance in this section of the chart.  All that I have to look forward to when I get to the end of the house is the green chaos of a huge tree.  I find that I am facing a rising temptation to set this aside for a little bit and start work on something else.