More Stairs

I have finished the stairs on the right side and have started working on the plant on the left side.  This has turned out to be pretty painful because there is a lot of confetti there and I am having a hard time seeing what stitches still need to be stitched.  For a little break I started working on the right-side stairs.  Maybe working on the plant from the top down will be a little easier.


Gray Stairs

Being able to scroll up makes me feel like I am starting a new phase of this project.  I have been stitching a lot of gray stairs.  It gets boring, but is also a lot easier than finishing the urn and plant that is on the left-hand side.  I think that it is really neat that you can already see the outline of her shawl and gloved arm.


Vine Border Finished

I have been working on Stroke of Midnight by Teresa Wentzler ever since I finished Santas of Fable and Fantasy.  It has been going pretty well, up until I hit the vine border on the bottom of Cinderella’s dress.  The over-one stitching brought things down to a crawl.  I finished that section last night, so I will be doing regular cross stitch for a while.  I have also reached a point where I can scroll up on my scroll bars.  It feels like quite an accomplishment to reach this point.

2014-09-18 22.52.03